Friday, February 22, 2019

Koma PVC Trim Featured

Koma Celuka Trim and Porch Flooring


KOMA products made with the Celuka process feature the hardest, most durable surface of any cellular PVC product on the market. Your homeowner’s investment will be protected, and you’re virtually guaranteed to receive material that’s un-marred and 100% useable.


You’ll immediately notice the difference upon delivery, with no mars, dents or scratches. Builders will experience the KOMA difference as they nail, glue, drill, rout, and cut our trim products using their regular tools.

MANUFACTURED TO EXACTING STANDARDS KOMA trim products, sometimes referred to as plastic lumber, or plastic trim molding, will not rot, split, swell or release paint in the presence of moisture or a harsh environment. Experience perfect yield, defect free, uninterrupted trim board, PVC corner board, bead board, column wraps, PVC floor for porches, water tables for drainage water management, and more, all manufactured to exacting measurement standards.